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Eros Adventure Trips

We host great adventure trips throughout the world that include some combination of outdoor fun, great food, spa or sauna time, naked time, sensuality, Tantric practice, conscious kink, energy play, and eroticism. Past trips include Slovenia, Croatia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Washington, Oregon, & the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.

Upcoming Trips

Slovenia & Croatia (Sep. 2024) - week long adventure, trip of a lifetime! (see below).

Blue Ridge Adventures (June 2024) - amazing NC adventure!

(see below)

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Tantra is the art and practice of being more present and aligned with all areas of your body, psyche, mind, eros, and heart in order to experience deeper connection with self and others. It involves both sensual and sexual practices.

Image by Colin Lloyd


Kink has many flavors - for us its celebrating the parts of each of us that feel hidden, repressed, taboo, or shamed and bringing them to life through sensual, sexual, and archetype practices/scenes. We play with polarity and turn-on to enhance experience.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Energy practice is kind of a buzz word (literally lol) - for us energy is important because it gives us access to deeper, more intimate, more pleasurable layers of our experiences in all areas of life including sensuality and sexuality.

Blue Ridge
Eros Adventures
August 2 - 4, 2024

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The Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the most beautiful, exciting, and adventurous activities on the planet. Listed as a rainforest and named the land of a thousand waterfalls, this magical place has so much to offer.

The land of this area offers us a chance to experience Gaia, land spirits, the fae, the elements, and beauty; it's healing, nourishing, and life-giving.

A temple space offers a safe place to express sensuality, eroticism, playfulness, fun.

Join us for a 2 night/3 day trip of a lifetime that includes kayaking, hiking, swimming, breweries, Tantric play, sensual play, and nightly erotic experiences. It's the best of all worlds!

General Itinerary:

Day 1: Kayaking, Deep Creek Hike, Tantric Play
Day 2: Swimming Hole Adventures, Temple Night
Day 3: Breakfast, Waterfalls, Swimming


A beautiful Airbnb in the mountains of Western NC/TN area.



Work trade and scholarships are offered for reduced pricing.

(includes excursions and lodging; to save on costs, we will potluck dinners and lunch will be on our own while we are out; more details shared as we get closer!)

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