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Play Temple Weekend

We hold play temple weekends monthly. Temples are events that have a specific intention and theme. We include ceremony, practices, experiences, and open play. Temple refers to the ancient practices of various cultures that utilize spirit, heart, and sexuality to transform. This is an extremely powerful, pleasurable, and impactful weekend experience!

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Tantra is the art and practice of being more present and aligned with all areas of your body, psyche, mind, eros, and heart in order to experience deeper connection with self and others. It involves both sensual and sexual practices.

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Kink has many flavors - for us its celebrating the parts of each of us that feel hidden, repressed, taboo, or shamed and bringing them to life through sensual, sexual, and archetype practices/scenes. We play with polarity and turn-on to enhance experience.

Golden Chakra


Energy practice is kind of a buzz word (literally lol) - for us energy is important because it gives us access to deeper, more intimate, more pleasurable layers of our experiences in all areas of life including sensuality and sexuality.

April 26 - 28

Friday 7 pm - Sunday 2 am

**Updated: We have decided to accommodate more people by making this a 1 day/evening event; this allows us to host at our home, reduce the price, and have more people. Yay!**

We are excited for this one! 

Join us for an amazing weekend in the mountains of Western NC! We will guide you through Tantric and Kink practices, games, and play designed to enhance your pleasure, desire, connection, and fun! Master teachers and hosts, daytime experiences will be rich and exciting, with plenty to take home and explore more. Night time includes open play, hot tub, and connection time.

Always a consensual, voluntary, and supportive environment. Vetting process included.

$300/couple includes food, Tantric and Kink instruction and experiences. Open play after paid experiences. Limited availability of 24 people. Singles welcome if paired with other singles to create gender balance ($150/individual).


We have 3 bedrooms for $125/room if you want to stay the night - includes breakfast in the morning. 

Reach out for more information! These fill up fast. We have put on over 200 events worldwide and have expertise in sexuality, Tantra, kink, and pleasure.

Location will be provided once reservation is made - located near Sylva, Bryson City area of NC. This is at our home - see pictures below!

Detailed Itinerary:

Saturday (January 20)

12:30 - 1:00 Arrivals

1:00 - 2 Introductions & Welcome Games

2 - 3: 30 Tantric & Energetic Play

3:30 - 4 Break

4 - 5:30 Kink 101 Practices

5:30 - 7 Dinner

7 - 9 Naked Latihan Experience, Tantric/Kink Playground

9 - 2 am Tantric/Kink Play Party

Sunday (January 21): For those staying overnight.

7:30 - 9 Self Serve Breakfast

11 Check out

Other Details: Light substance use, nude friendly, consensual, voluntary, sex positive.

Image by Colin Lloyd
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