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Kink Workshops

Workshops give participants a chance to learn, explore, and deepen into various areas of sensuality and eros. In the areas of kink, we explore the elements of kink including polarity, magnetism, containment, archetypes, roles, kink methods & tools, and the development of kink scenes. In the areas of Tantra, we explore the elements of touch, energy channels, the wheel of consent, and various Tantric methods and practices in dyads and groups. All workshops are consent based, voluntary, touch based, and sensual in nature. Some workshops include various forms of boundaried  erotic experiences. We hold these in Asheville, NC monthly and throughout the world. Great for beginners and seasoned alike!

All genders, adult ages, identities, and humans welcome!

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Tantra is the art and practice of being more present and aligned with all areas of your body, psyche, mind, eros, and heart in order to experience deeper connection with self and others. It involves both sensual and sexual practices.

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Kink has many flavors - for us its celebrating the parts of each of us that feel hidden, repressed, taboo, or shamed and bringing them to life through sensual, sexual, and archetype practices/scenes. We play with polarity and turn-on to enhance experience.

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Energy practice is kind of a buzz word (literally lol) - for us energy is important because it gives us access to deeper, more intimate, more pleasurable layers of our experiences in all areas of life including sensuality and sexuality.

Kink 101/201/301
Kink 201:
Channels of Kink
June 8/July 6, 2024
(Asheville, NC)

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Kink 101:

This is a 3-part series that can be attended separately or all together. They are designed to build off each other but can be attended as a single event as well. We will hold this event in April, May, and June one Saturday of each month.

The purpose of Kink 101 (April) will be to introduce various elements of Kink as the building blocks for moving towards and existential kink experience in May and the creation of in-depth existential kink scenes in June. This is a great workshop for beginners and experienced kinkers alike!

The elements we will introduce will include polarity/magnetism, roles, energy, archetypes, and existential kink philosophies.

Kink 201 (June 8th): 

This is the 2nd part in a 3-part series that can be attended separately or all together. They are designed to build off each other but can be attended as a single event as well. 

The purpose of Kink 201 (June) will be to introduce various channels of Kink as the pathways for energy and begin practicing kink scene creation moving towards in-depth existential kink scenes in June. This is a great workshop for beginners and experienced kinksters alike!


We will introduce various channels of Kink play related to the elements including impact play, role play, voice, energy, containment, and deeper expressions of light/dark masculine/feminine. As a reminder, masculine/feminine in our framework has nothing to do with gender; rather they are different types of energy we all carry and can express and experience.

Kink 301 (July 6th):

This is the 3rd workshop in a 3 part series; although recommended, not required to take all workshops to participate. Kink 301 (July 6th) combines the elements and channels of kink in order to develop kink scenes. We base our kink scene development on the principles introduced in Existential Kink. We will use this time to develop kink scenes that help one reclaim power, integrate internal parts, and use turn-on to feel whole.

As always, individuals and couples of all flavors, identities, and orientations welcome! You may come and experience exercises with many people or just with the person you came with. This is a consent based touch workshop. Everything is voluntary and encourage all to explore and maintain their boundaries.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone desiring to be in a space where you can either connect with yourself, your partner or others (not required) as desired. This is a consent based space. This is a respectful space (no yucking someone else's yum!). This is a safe space. This is a supportive space. If that feels good to you, come! We open this event to LS, poly, ENM, and sex positive communities. All genders, races, ethnicities, sexual identities welcome.


Sliding scale of $45-$65

Payment options:

Limit of 24 persons.

It's rare these don't fill up fast, please reserve your spot with your payment. 


The usual house in Candler - if this is your first time, we will send you the details when you sign up.


6:30 - 7 Arrivals
7 pm Door Close
7 - 9:30 Kink Elements Introduced & Experienced
9:30 - 10:30 Cuddles & Practice



Feel free to bring a snack or goody to share with the group! We need to keep ourselves nourished and fed for all the energy we will exchange!

Message with any questions!

Jared and Anna WholeHEART are practitioners and teachers of Eastern, Western, and Alternative methods living in the Blue Mountains of NC.

Kink 202: Existential Kink (June 8th)
Kink 303: Kink Scene Creation (July 6th)

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen
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