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Play Temple Weekend

We hold play temple weekends monthly. Temples are events that have a specific intention and theme. We include ceremony, practices, experiences, and open play. Temple refers to the ancient practices of various cultures that utilize spirit, heart, and sexuality to transform. This is an extremely powerful, pleasurable, and impactful weekend experience!

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Tantra is the art and practice of being more present and aligned with all areas of your body, psyche, mind, eros, and heart in order to experience deeper connection with self and others. It involves both sensual and sexual practices.

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Kink has many flavors - for us its celebrating the parts of each of us that feel hidden, repressed, taboo, or shamed and bringing them to life through sensual, sexual, and archetype practices/scenes. We play with polarity and turn-on to enhance experience.

Golden Chakra


Energy practice is kind of a buzz word (literally lol) - for us energy is important because it gives us access to deeper, more intimate, more pleasurable layers of our experiences in all areas of life including sensuality and sexuality.


April 26 - 28

Friday 7 pm - Sunday 2 am

Kink meets Tantra:

An Immersive Experience!

What happens when tantra, kink, and unleashed creativity come together? Step into the mystery and join us an unforgettable weekend of deep exploration, sensuality, fun, and transformation!

You're invited to join us (a Shamanic Mystic, an award-winning Immersive Experience Designer, and an esoteric Tantra & Kink educator!) for a series of remarkable offerings designed to guide you deeply into erotic play, creative expression, powerful connection, and expansion. The weekend's events will be held at Wild Fern (Kaleidoscopic Community) in Buckley, WA outside of Seattle.

We are super excited to have Joanna Garner as a guest facilitator joining Anna and Jared WholeHEART to create this unique event.

So, who is Joanna?

Joanna Garner is an award-winning writer, facilitator and immersive experience designer who crafts communal experiences that ignite sexual freedom, wildness, and transformation. Her new play about BDSM and desire will premiere in New York this fall. Former Senior Story Creative Director at Meow Wolf, she spearheaded story development for projects like Omega Mart and Convergence Station. Now she’s designing and leading sensory experiences for a range of companies, including Virgin Voyages, Immersive World Adventure, and a new immersive art spa. Joanna has been trained in Kundalini activation, Reiki, a variety of other energetic and somatic techniques that she applies to helping others find healing and super-charged creativity through erotic energy. She has an MFA in Playwriting from UT Austin and training in sexual shamanism at the International School of Temple Arts.

Who are Anna and Jared WholeHEART?

Anna is a former professional dancer and professor of modern dance turned shamanic guide and Tantra educator. She has degrees in dance (BFA) and massage (LMT) therapy along with extensive training in the healing arts. She is the co-founder of Blue Mist Mountain Temple & Mystery School with 24 year partner, Jared WholeHEART.

Jared is a former professor (Ph.D) and entrepreneur of 20 years turned esoteric educator and mentor, working with shamans, practitioners, tantrikas, energy workers, mediums, and truth seekers. He is sought for his understanding of light/dark energy, heart opening, and soul embodiment via Tantric, kink, and esoteric methods and approaches to life.

So, what are we doing?

We have 3 separate events that can be experienced separately or as a full weekend:

Tantric Immersive Experience
Friday, 6:30pm - 12:00 am

Kink Immersive Experience
Saturday, 10:30am - 4:30 pm

Kink Meets Tantra Temple
Saturday, 7:30pm - 2:00 am

Integration Closing
Sunday, 10am - 11 am

Optional Potlucks
Friday 6 pm, Saturday 6 pm

Saturday lunch, bring your own or go out. Light breakfast provided.

What will we be doing?

Friday is a deeper dive into Tantra that will include practice in the beginning of the evening involving sensual touch and energy flow partnered with others, rotating partners if desired. We will introduce immersive experiences combined with Tantra to deepen the practice. We will end the night with a guided temple.


Saturday day will include instruction and practice around conscious kink archetypes and energies leading into an immersive kink experience partnered or in groups.


Saturday evening will include guided partner and group experiences leading to curated immersive experiences within a temple environment.

What is a temple?

A temple is a practice that has been used by many cultures throughout the ages to create an intention, space, and set of experiences in order to access the divine within us and others through spirit, heart, and sexuality. Specifically, we will engage in practices and exercises that are sensual and erotic in nature throughout the day and engage in open temple play at night in which all types of sexual practice are allowed within consent. We rely on practices related to Tantra (art of connecting spirit with the body via eros, sexuality, and sensuality) and conscious kink (using polarity and magnetism to create eros and turn-on). You will leave temple with a renewed sense of self, others, and the group and plenty to take home with you and experience with your partner(s).

What are the boundaries?

Everything verbally consensual, voluntary, celebratory of all genders, races, ethnicities, and sexual identities; nudity allowed; sensuality and sexuality allowed within own personal boundaries (STARS talk or equivalent recommended;; abide property boundaries.

Where will the event be held?

We hold this event at Wildfern Grove of the Kaleidescopic Community of Buckley, WA, outside of Seattle, WA. This is a beautiful community with yurts, rooms, a hot tub and 30 acres of beautiful forest landscape. A sex positive, nude friendly environment makes this the perfect place to hold these events. Plus, the owners are great friends!

See the gallery of photos below to see the venue and past events!

What type of food and accommodations are available?

There are a number of yurts and rooms to rent directly from the Grove as well as car, rv, and tent camping available. There is a full size commercial kitchen, bathroom, and shower for those camping along with access to the hot tub. To rent any accomodations, contact the grove directly here

To keep costs down, we potluck on Friday and Saturday evenings and suggest you bring your own food for lunch. A light breakfast will be provided. There are several restaurants and grocery stores within 10 minutes of the property.

What is the recommended donation?

Tantric Immersive Experience:

$111/person; $200/couple
Friday, 6:30pm - 12:00 am

Kink Immersive Experience:

$111/person; $200/couple
Saturday, 10:30am - 4:30 pm

Kink Meets Tantra Temple:

$111/person; $200/couple
Saturday, 7:30pm - 2:00 am

*Entire Weekend Experience:

$300/person; $555/couple

*Does not include accommodations; camping, yurts, rv parking, and rooms available through Wild Fern of Kaleidoscopic Community.

Venmo, Zelle, Paypal options.

Venmo your ticket price @wholeheart-1

For Zelle or PayPal, email us at 

Are there any discounts, scholarships, or trade opportunities?

Yes! Please reach out if cost is an issue!

What else is there to know?

We will continue to update as we desire to share more, feel free to ask any questions directly!

Image by Colin Lloyd
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